Help me color right

So here's what I'm currently getting :(

My goal was more like this...

I'm happy with the texture I'm using, but the color isn't doing at all what I want.

I colored the base material, but I don't even know if that does anything once you start adding textures.

My texture is more of a grey, like this:

So I went into photoshop and tried to mess with curves, then levels, etc etc. I can't seem to get this to just work! I can code my butt off, but ask me to pick a matching colored crayon out of the box and I'll be a deer in headlights...

My photoshop is pretty old, 7.1 and not really wanting to upgrade or switch that and not really wanting to learn yet another tool like substance painter right now. So if someone has a real simple process to get this right that would be super.


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