All Documentation Should be written to include both VR and Desktop.

I have found many articles that may need different explanations when using VR Visitor Mode than when using Desktop Visitor Mode. And one article in particular stands out as the reason every article should be reviewed for their need to have two "sections" - one for Desktop and one for VR. Actually, a moment of thought should go into many articles to check if the instructions should have four sections where there may also be a reason to include Desktop Edit Mode and VR Edit Mode.

Sansar > Creating in Sansar > Creator Tools > System Objects > Interactive > Spawn Points

When a spawn point is used by a visitor to an Experience and they are using VR, the avatar faces in the direction that the spawn point is pointed and that is what the image in the HMD displays.

When a user is in desktop mode, the avatar is facing the way the spawn point points is facing, but the camera is facing +Y.

When a creator is editing a scene, the spawn point has no effect other than where the creator is placed within the scene. In this case, the camera is always pointing (facing) +Y.

And, I really do not know what happens when using VR in edit mode.

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