Laser Showcase

Visit my showcase, is cheap, even to processor, for making a 10.000 polygon character you need 2.500 lasers objects  inside the level wow.

I'm here to talk about lasers too.

I had a very good experience using reversed faces to create a moon that holds a inner light.

This time was not different, but I cannot list a light-composed item.
I think is not necessary to make it translucent, once we are dealing with high power lasers. Red lasers but is beyond 1 watt can cut  wood.

But looking carefully my own laser, Its behaviour is exactly like that.
One very weak diode incite light plasma inside a...Anti-Light.

Ah gaaash, now I understand!

Light in my especific understanding (probably not accepted by mainstream academic knowledge, or Nasa) is just high vibrational (waves) matter in expanded state, in its many manifestations is just expanded matter. (energy is expanded matter going fast in contraction or expansion)

Whatever you believe or accept this or not, I don't care. 

Research about anti-bubles on youtube.
If you carefully look at Anti-Bubles, you will readily understand similarities between anti bubles and laser, of course in the laser case, we have the wavy high speed light, instead of air-water anti-bubles.

You make a plasma capacitance vibrational induction, that makes the layer from where the induced laser plasma creates anti-light-bubles, so have probably plasma inside and is more dense in light outside, and does not readily diffuse in environment, but keep its way ahead, like when you throw a stone in water, they keep straight in direction of gravity.

As light is  "too light" lol and subtle,  is much less affected by gravity.

Laser being a generation of donut-like induced plasma-anti-light or whatever you name it, just like when I did  reversed normals on emitting light faces in a 4 polygon smooth laser with caps removed, we trap the light from the emission point to this end with almost zero loss of radiation/plasma/heat/vibraton or whatever.

Is with great joy born another inspiration.
Well actually I need money, I'm blessed is right there on my vocational inspirations.

End. here














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