What happens to the title of your Experience if your account expires? Is it saved for you or is open for someone to claim?

Pardon my misuse of Sansar jargon that I am learning as I go.  

If I open up an area or experience and give it a title that is important to claim and keep, what happens to the title if my account expired?  For example, I called my experience (totally fake)  Snapple's Snappy Space.  I have an account, I develop my Snapple area and make it all nice.  Something happens and I stop working for Snapple, the account I own with my password expires/  not been paying the monthly fee to have the area in Sansar.  In my example, the account goes past due so that it is suspended.  What happens to the area?  What happens to the Snapple Snappy Space title?  Can someone then open up an area with the same name or are past titles preserved somehow?    

Thanks, Suz


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