Objects disappear when the are outside the building and your inside with a window between it (no glass)

There's  a problemm i did find with before. but now i start to get more to a finish point it's getting a bit a immersive breaker.

If your inside a building, with windows. and no glass inside it. so you see the outside perfect and light comes in correct. Like this, picture if from blender. i hope to have my experience life in a few days so you can see it.

if i look like this to the outside.

This is the window i use to look outside from this position when thing get de-rendered.

Objects outside are seen as invisible and not get rendered. Sansar things that there's a solid wall. and that is not true.
So my care full designed few is changing in ugly look because a hyper LOD

I really don't want and cannot join everything in one big project. it also kill the function of keep polygone's low by de-render things you not see.

This problem i did blame first on the glass inside the buildings. but now i not have it it's something else, like a wrong LOD setting.

Only, this case i see it, but sansar thinks it's not there. It's going so bad that it also removes my whole mesh terrain from some angles. This really need to be adjusted better.


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