UI Interface and Permissions to disable client avatar appearance and attachments


There is no UI in edit mode to disable avatar attachments for clients, that will use the published experience.

Experience developers should have total control on the client when entering his experience, including what and how something is attached to him.

Some experience developers will only want and allow their own characters in their experience, and some others will take it a step further and allow only customization with ONLY their own products and not the competition.

It is important and critical feature, as some experience developers might want to moderate only those certified attachments that are properly build.

Other experience developers if not most, will want the client to look precisely how they need to look in the game.

So please give us now the ability to disable attachments and in the future permission to dress the client skeleton how We need it to be, with our own adapted,customized optimized animations, including walks runs or VR hands movement/commands etc etc





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