Permisions to KILL Sansar clients and to save them


maybe this has caught Your attention but in any decent game there is the possibility to die or get killed.

I order to achieve this the experience developer should have special permissions to:

1 kill the client

2 disable his ability to move or interact with any object

3 have total control on his cam movements and cam effects, (vignetting, blurring, opacity)

4 send him  a screen space menu to resume game from start, or last autosave, or a waypoint or exit the game completely

5 asset management an database to save client log outs and achievements, so for the client to be able to resume his gaming experience from where he has left it in the previous session


the concept of killing in games isnt necessarily related to dieing,

eg a game where you need to pass through a flower garden without getting stung by a bee which would cause You to have to restart all over from the last waypoint or check point or level or autosave.


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