Give specifications in sever pricing


Thankfully  Linden Labs posted pricing for airing experiences.

However no detail has been given about performance.

Nor it has been specified where servers will be located giving the ability to choose European or American or Asian  servers in order for the client to select which ones will be dedicated for each time zone so to be able to host clients at lowest pings possible, so not to disrupt or cause lag or crashing to others.

while testing  multiplayer situations with extreme physics scenarios can be  done one day to assess best set up for experiences and amount of experience servers to pay for so to be able to calculate a price to the consumer of for the product the developer will want to offer , having detailed  information about server performance would be helpful as the pricing main factor is all about performance over experience quantity.

100 dollars for  up to 20 experiences seems extremely cheap to Me, and I suspect that the performance will be extremely weak.




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