Area Restriction Script

The  Area Restriction Script is now available in the store. It can be use to keep an user in or out an area in your scene. There are many ways you could implement this into your creations. You can easily prevent people from entering certain houses. Maybe you want to create a prison or you only want certain people to check out x area or maybe you want to prevent others from falling off your platform. If you have any questions or problems feel free to comment below.


Public Variables

  • Area Radius: The radius of the area you want to restrict in meters(ex: 10)
  • Admin Name: The name of the only person who can execute chat commands(ex: wade665)
  • Whitelist: The names of those who are allowed to be inside or outside the area(ex: name1,name2,name3)
  • Keep In: If on, it will prevent people from leaving the area. If off, it will prevent people from entering

Chat Commands

      NOTE: Any settings edited through these commands will be deleted after the scene restarts(also when everyone leaves)

  • Help -  Shows a list of all available commands
  • Security On - Enable the script
  • Security Off - Disable the script
  • Keep In - Keep people inside an area
  • Keep Out - Keep people outside an area
  • remove name - remove someone from the white list
  • add name - Add someone to the white list

How to Use

  1. Get it from the store
  2. Drop it in an object (preferably non-dynamic)
  3. Fill in the blanks
  4. Have Fun!!!



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