A hello, First impressions, and hopefully not a goodbye..


I thought i'd give sansar a try since it went open beta a few days ago, and a few things made me ask myself a pretty bad question for any product..

So i create my account, select my avatar.. and oh god.. that's some Linden AVI design here ^^ we all look indian, with hands twice too big.. well, hopefully, content creators will have human looking choices soon.

Downloading the app with an annoying music i can't stop

Updating the app with a music i can't stop

Starting the app and getting to the Atlas, with a music i can't stop..

I look for an options screen, nothing at all.. I decide to mute Sansar from the windows mixer for the time being and load an experience (it was the Apollo 11 museum).

I have a 24mb DSL and this took me about 10 minutes to load.. that's just crazy long after spending 20 minutes just for the install, but what the heck, it's beta, i move along..

I finally arrive in the experience, and there either, no options screen.. So typing all the keys to figure out things. Turns out i can't switch to azerty layout, so WASD is out and i use the arrows (i later found the online documentation, but having a simple options screen and guide IN the app would be better).

First thing that renders the whole thing totally unuseable is that crazy camera jitter !!!

Whenever i turn in 3rd person, the camera bounces left to right like it's mounted on springs or something! i end up walking like a wino trying to go straight!

After adapting to the crap factor of the camera i started to ask myself that bad question... but.. maybe that experience is to blame.. so i go back to the atlas and load a pretty one with a garden, little house, plants, trees.. it was smaller, "only" 5 minutes to load..

while it loaded i grabbed my Xbox controller and gave it a try. turns out there is a short range teleport that kind of compensate for the extremely slow walk and lack of run or jump features.

One person appears then two, we start to talk and an annoying bug comes up.

Whenever the chat is active, the camera controls on the xbox controller stop working. I have to click away from the chat to have the camera work (with that jitter again.. god..)..

Visited another experience after that, and, besides the changed scene.. it's pretty much the same.. walk about, and go back to the atlas.

I know Sansar is not SL2, i was not coming with Secondlife in mind but to see what sansar was about.. and that's the bad question i was asking myself since the beginning :

What.. is.. Sansar ?

All the experiences i tried.. you wait.. walk.. chat if someone is here.. with a different background to visit.

There are no interactions i can see with anything besides bumping on objects. VR users may be able to manipulate a box or a ball maybe, but i could not find anything to do besides talking to the occasional visitor.

It seems Sansar is just a glorified 3D chat since that's all you can do.

I looked in the website. There are wikis, help sections, minimum requirements, controls, this forum etc etc.. but not anything telling what Sansar is, or is aiming to be.

If experience creators can only make (very pretty) chat rooms, then the comparison with SL will always be made by visitors coming from SL.

Why invest in a better computer, buy expensive VR glasses, and put on yourself insanely long loading times to do less than you could do in SL or in any 3D game or app, namely walk and chat? Simply put : What is Sansar meant to be? what is the idea behind it?




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