How is scripting going to work in the future?

To be honest, I've only briefly looked into the specifics of Sansar's scripting API, but what I'm seeing so far does not render me exactly optimistic. 

Blindly writing scripts, uploading, attaching them to object, then saving and building the whole experience for every tiny change is not quite the workflow I had expected for a next generation platform. While C# is clearly superior to LSL, esp. when it comes to data structures and standard library, the current scripting tools seem considerably more time-consuming than the cumbersome steady change-drag-and-drop we've gotten accustomed to in SL, even.

Are there any plans for interfacing external IDEs, like SharpDevelop, for writing and debugging scripts on the fly on running experiences, in the future?

I'd also like to see a simple "version management" where I can attach instances of the same script to multiple entities and distribute changes automatically.

I understand Sansar is still in an early state, and details may not yet be fully fleshed out, but I'd still like to hear some ideas on where this is headed to make an opinion.

Thank you :)


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