Additional build tools / controls

There are two things I really wish I had while building, currently.

  • Move on two axes (flat plane)
    For example by clicking somewhere between the X and Y axes to move anywhere on a horizontal plane, or the X/Z or Y/Z axes. Think  3ds Max or Second Life's interface.

  • Snapping
    Having to adjust positions manually is not as ideal as dragging the object (moving or rotating) and holding down a key to snap to set increments instead, especially when dealing with multiple objects.

Side-note: The camera movement also needs some fixing:

  • Left-click dragging to pan the camera is limited by screen edges. You cannot pan further once your cursor is blocked by the edge.

  • The cursor also needs to be locked to the client window (and possibly hidden) while dragging. You can pan/rotate much further towards the side your second screen is on, on a dual-monitor setup, and your cursor will wander over to that screen.

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