Most Flexible Payment Gateways

I think Sansar need having most flexible payment gateways working better than on SL, in order to users purchasing Currency and doing other transactions, a big problem many Second Life users are finding is the lack of flexibility when trying to applying as Premium members, purchasing currency or withdrawing funds to RL because the system only accepting methods all them based in credit cards, or requesting verified accounts based in credit cards too, is valid to remember that are not all the users having or wanting to use their credit cards in "online games", are not all the credit cards with "International" feature and etc, so all this players are not applying as premium or managing their funds like the others using their International Credit Cards, i think LL need consider adding other payments methods like Unverified Paypal (ownership verified but without credit card), direct payments designed to users from another countries, or even introducing the Bitcoin as an payment option. Accepting only accounts that got verified with a credit card will cause the same problems we finding actually on SL, LL will get much more Premium members for Sansar and SL if there are most flexible payments not based in a credit card.


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