Sound gets jumbled after upload?

I tried uploading two .wav files just to test a script, but when I right-click either sound file in my inventory and select "Play" the sound is completely non-sensical, the volume fades in and out, and the audio itself is nothing more than constant clicking/clapping as it cuts in and out faster than the overall volume.

This is one of the original sound files: http://puu.sh/x0rtZ/852c6da4ee.wav
(You'll need to save it to hear it, most likely. It's a trumpet followed by cheering.)

Here's some info on the file:

Codec: IMA WAV ADPCM Audio
Channels: Mono (Possibly the issue?)
Sample rate: 44100 Hz
Bits per sample: 16

What does Sansar require from .wav files to work properly?


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