Put the avatar back to previous position and instance after using "My Look"

Right now the only way i find is using "My Look" to change clothing and add attachments. That system could work perfect. If the fix the following problem.

If you use "My Look", and you press done.
The avatar get reset to the spawn point instead of the position and instance it where on and also later with what it where doing. (like sitting)

What need to happen is that "My Look" always place you back to the current position and instance you where in. Never back to the span point. Because that means when you change quick some clothing, wile sitting on beach or game table 2000 meters away from  spawn point. You get complete pulled out of the experience or worse you end on other instance. 

Example. you forget to add the attachment you need. and your 2000 meters away from spawn point. Easy to add the attachment back. Not easy to get back on the location right now.


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