Nothing to leave home (SL) about ... yet LOL

This program has much to do before it will draw away the likes of many of us long-time SLers.

-Sansar does not yet have even the basics, such as: building tools, scripts, etc, that are in SL and available to all for free. Even a newbie can start learning to build in SL, that won't be the case with Sansar apparently. For instance, why should I and every other person that wants to create experiences have to make and upload basic 3D objects to build with? Why not provide free basics for all of us to use, one source for a cube, a plane, a cone, etc, rather than perhaps thousands of variations of tris/quads (depending on the creator), etc? Doesn't it make sense to have basic building objects that can be sized on any axis independent of the other axis'? You would have to be a creator in order to even upload fbx mesh let alone figure out how to texture or colorize the thing, which you cannot do in world. SL is superior there. Really ... how many people even know HOW to use a 3D modeling program? Not many. 

-And why texture maps? Why not have the ability to texture or color at least basic objects from an in world/experience menu? I'm hoping these basics will come, and quickly! Most of the visitors you would attract will be there to have fun not be challenged as creators are to learn a new platform so they can help you build this thing up.

-Navigation is choppy, I have a bear of a time getting a good view of my objects in edit mode, not at all the live ease you have in SL. To edit outside of the normal experience is not an easy task and every time you want to see what you've done you have to save, build, and then publish ... every single time. Unlike SL where you can build live on the spot having your avatar as reference and see the results immediately, live, as it's happening. I realize you aren't drawing on SL folks as your main forte but we are what you are going to get initially, and it's us that will be building experiences for the SLers & non-SLers to enjoy. 

-I hope now that you are open beta there will be video (!!!Torley!!!) tutorials because it's really been a chore at times to learn how to do things. Somehow, reading replies to forum posts just doesn't work well for some folks ... like me ... I'm a "show me the movie" kinda gal ;o} There should be experiences made by you as examples of what you can do with scripts whereby the visitor can look at the object and see the script used and its settings so they can go back to their own experience and experiment. Right now, I have no idea how to do the teleports, rotate objects using scripts, attach things to my own avatar, etc. There's a whole lot of things to read but it's all gibberish to me so I just don't bother unless it's something I need to learn for what I'm working on. I suspect most visitors won't want to spend their time reading how-tos either. I have enough to learn just trying to get objects into my experiences.

-Your items make the top of the store list and are pinned there, and who has $S400-500 to pay at this stage for avatar outfits? Why not start out with some free outfits? Why not get the skins, etc, out to creators who want to do that? Work on more avatar sliders so we can better customize our avs. Let avatar creators who do clothing, hair, etc, do that work. It would be nice to have a search feature for the store ... search for FREE or search for Collision or search for creator, etc. I would like to see the Sort by feature of the store have more options, like we have in SL's MP. And, a FREE category where all free items are listed would be extremely helpful, especially for new folks!

-The altas is hard to use, there are so many experiences on it that it's already hard to navigate. I'm glad you added My Experiences link, that's a great blessing for creators, but who else will find my little experiences over yours? I've tried to get into others' experiences, no go, doesn't happen for a long while, the wait is most of the time too long and I just end up going to my own instead.

-There is no way to know how many visitors you have in your experiences, shouldn't that be a basic feature? How many people are in an experience at any given time? Can we at least have a sort by current visitors option in the atlas?

-I currently have *no friends* in Sansar. I hang out in my own space creating my lil heart out. I have no idea how to find anyone else let alone figure out where they are and how to get to them!

-And, yes, I have to go there ... to be asking for subscriptions so early in the program is a bit shocking to me. I am grateful for the three months of up to 5 creator experiences but quite frankly, I'll stick to the three, why go to 5 and possibly loose the work I put into two of them should I decide it's not worthy of payment at the end of Oct 2017? $9.99/mth is actually a penny shy of $10.00/mth, that's about $120.00 real (US) dollars a year ... SL only charges $72.00 (or thereabouts) and you get a nice monthly $L stipend to help you buy things to make SL more fun. As a creator I can't fathom paying that unless I have a lot of business from my Sansar store by then. I would opt for the three free experiences at this point, as will most others I expect. I think it's way too early to ask people to pay, especially creators because without us there would be precious few places for others to experience. Creators should get a minimum of a year free, maybe even a lifetime free, for the service of giving your visitors lots of choices. And, like in SL beta, Sansar dollars would be a nice gesture so that we can get our things made and loaded for viewing &/or sale. After all, you are already taking out your portion of our store earnings. Doesn't that count for something?

I'm extremely reluctant to use the extra two experiences (over the initial 3 free) because ... doing the math, as accountants often do, 5-3=2 ... so I'm actually paying $10.00/mth for two experiences, because everyone will already get 3 for free so they don't really count, right!? Not good.

I am enjoying Sansar so far, but it's no where near ready to tempt me to leave SL (not that you asked me to). Sorry.

I guess I'll see what three months brings.




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