Clockworks Club Demo

I've been working on a club lighting system I'm branding as "Clockworks". Technically, it's not just for clubs, but that's an obvious applications. I've hacked out a simple club design to showcase some of the capabilities of the lighting system. Check it out here:


Some things to note. First, every last light in the scene is animated and in sync with the 140 BMP song (Fred Baker & Nyram's "Confirmation", as played by Tiesto) that I've included. Even the "sun" slowly orbits while you watch. The whole scheme can be synchronized to any song during a concert, provided you give a BPM for it. The system is heavily programmable, even during a live show. I've only included a single program for each light in this demo, though the number of programs per light is effectively unlimited.

I will be selling the control scripts and the simple light guide objects very soon on the Marketplace under the Clockworks brand for creators looking to add a little more dynamicity to their experiences.

I welcome comments and questions here. Cheers.



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