Sansar Home/Hub + selling scenes

It would be nice to have an initial loading area of a simple personal Home scene to log into, allowing people to jump directly into VR from the start of the Sansar client. Thinking about Playstation Home, Oculus and SteamVR homes here.

These initial home/hub layouts could them be designed, traded or purchased by users, creating a whole other revenue stream. Allowing homes to be private or open to friends would really help push the whole social side of Sansar as well. Inviting friends to hang out in your home/pool/theater, etc.

That means that people would be purchasing complete scenes, so revenue percentage tracking and payments would also need to be taken into account, if someone used marketplace items to create the home experience they sold.

For a "home" you could also get the same thing by being able to set an experience you personally own as your login point. You wouldn't need to put the experience in the atlas, just share links or invites to make it social, although you would need the ability to lock down the experience to only yourself, or some kind of access list.


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