Add Exceptions thrown in docs

A sample from TimeSpan.FromSeconds()

// Summary:
// Returns a System.TimeSpan that represents a specified number of seconds,
// where the specification is accurate to the nearest millisecond.
// Parameters:
// value:
// A number of seconds, accurate to the nearest millisecond.
// Returns:
// An object that represents value.
// Exceptions:
// System.OverflowException:
// value is less than System.TimeSpan.MinValue or greater than System.TimeSpan.MaxValue.-or-value
// is System.Double.PositiveInfinity.-or-value is System.Double.NegativeInfinity.
// System.ArgumentException:
// value is equal to System.Double.NaN.

This really helps a developer using the IDE to the fullest

Just spent a great deal of time pinning down a bug in my code that was calling SetOrientation() and as soon as I wrapped it in a try catch the bug was a big DOH! But I didn't even realize it threw any. Intellisense is a wonderful thing.




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