Secrets of the WorldWhale

I want to share with you all the experience I've been working on: Secrets of the WorldWhale!

WorldWhale is an exploratory adventure through an ancient flying whale as it soars through the clouds. Begin by colliding with the wizened old rat at the landing zone to "talk" to him. Each consecutive rat also speaks to you via collision. The wizened old rat will guide you through the scene, leading you over floating islands, through an overgrown old garden of ruins, into the whale's mouth, and finally to a hidden treasure deep in the stomach of the whale.

WorldWhale features custom media arranged and recorded in Unity to create moving water, waterfalls, and 4 colored portals. The multiple sections of video were divided up using UV unwrapping to create multiple animated elements in the scene. Unfortunately, they don't look as nice as I'd envisioned inside Sansar due to the low video resolution settings, but hey, I tried!

There are sounds integrated all over the scene to sell the feeling of standing in old, abandoned ruins on the back of a flying whale: crickets, cicadas, the occasional bird, perhaps a fish or two hidden away in the small pond... but you won't find any other animals up here in the sky. You will find a lot of wind, a very drippy, reverberant cavern, and some very BIG whale sounds! If I could shake your screen every time the whale calls out, I would. ;)

The scene also features custom background music written by my husband, who also voiced the wizened old rat! 

I had planned to create more interesting puzzles to be solved before enabling you to move from one point to the next, but with my very limited scripting abilities and the tight time limit of this contest, those are beyond me for the time being. Maybe one day I'll find a way to work them in.


I've really enjoyed putting this together, and have learned a lot in the process: not only about Sansar, but about Zbrush, Unity, and Blender nodes as well! It's been a very rewarding experience. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have. :)




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