Data persistence and search mechanisms

One consistent theme I've seen among the requests and complaints people have made here is that settings are not being meaningfully saved and data that is saved is not made available to us. This is a nuts-and-bolts problem at the platform level, IMO. I suspect LL is trying to minimize storage and system complexity for now, but I would respectfully suggest that it would make sense to step back away from specific application problems long enough to create a few pieces of infrastructure to make app development faster and easier:

  1. A way to load and save settings to the client
  2. A way to load and save settings to the experience
  3. A way to load and save settings to the agent
  4. A way to swap an item with a newer version while keeping settings
  5. A reusable search, select, and detail mechanism for people, store, etc.

I know these will mean increasing (slightly) the network interactions and (sizably) the storage requirements, but consider building in automatic expiration of nonessential (persistence) data like this. If some setting hasn't been used in, say, a day, delete it from the database. Then you keep storage to a minimum and don't keep growing it indefinitely.

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