Way to check creators are legit please?

It would be great if we can at least see the age of a creator (in-game age) and some kind of profile until there is a better way to check details on a product. This used to be a way, in SL, to get some insight if a creator was legit. Not water proof but some hints are obvious. 

I see objects listed in the store that look to me like it are bought from other websites popping up already. I cannot be sure at this point as there is no way to try and see if I can trust the creator and if these models are very high in poly count (as the usually are when bought or ripped). Also I don't want to spend money on items like that. 


Please, buyers, be aware that high poly content is not optimized for a platform like this. Be aware there are creators that work for months on content that IS optimized and they do deserve your hard earned cash. 



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