Instances, Dont split a community.

Am still a bit surprised about the instances.
People complained about it from day one and wrote people get split over different servers and not see each other.

I did not believe that, because for me extra instance would mean you just add extra resource to the scene and keep everybody visible for each other Oh, shocking surprise that it's not implemented that way. The not add extra resources. The split people up. So as example a big event is not a big event anymore.

What i understand is that things get split around 40 avatars now into a new instance and people cannot communicate see or hear each other between the instances.

Now it's getting complex. and it's only idea.

I like to see that when there are more instances that people still see each other and hear each other and also still can communicate with each other. I know, simple written in text. Not so easy  problem to solve.

I expect that this is going to be something that is needed. It's already visible with meetings


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