Coroutines and Threads

So anyone know how to inject a signal into a sleepy thread with apparently relatively lower priority than the main thread?

So it seems priority is like this, highest to lowest

Mian thread

Chat Subscriptions


Basically I want to wait inside a coutotine while an external List.Count is non 0

Don't suppose anyone has written their own function that can be used in a WaitFor()

So even though I set ObjectsReportedIn to 0, this sits here waiting because the other stuff is busy building that count back up to 20. So by the time it gets around to checking, it's all like yea still equals 20

main thread calls StartCouroutine(SomeFunc)

set the bool to 0, then sends messages out and listen for replies

void SomeFun()




while (ObjectsReportedIn == 20)




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