Hi im Hawk

Thanks for the invite looking Goood in here.. but it seems to be like early days of SL walk like a duck talk like a duck hehehe.. but im sure its getting there ... in SL i love to build and tweak anything i can get my hands on im more in to the landscaping  and i use ALLOT ( maybe to many items from the MP in sl  :) )

but i love Mesh and all the great details in rl im a graphic designer used to textures and sometimes i use the 3d software.. but im lazzy sometimes so when i see a creator making the most amazing builds im taking it .. but i been walking around exploring the new new shiny world .. but i met only ONE guy and when i said hello he run off.. any time of day that is good to meet the new settlers in EU timezone? would be cool to learn how they do things in here, in SL im a hardcore Gor roleplayer i see for me the huuuge worlds we can create for ultimate RP.. but that i see in the far far future i think.. and hope.. will be fun i think to keep building learning new things how to do things first of all.. and hope animtaions and avatars will be something we can tweak.. so we dont have to look in to a mirror every time we meet a "new guy" but keep sharing folks i love to share what i can get my hands of .. sharing is caring .. RIGHT?

but one more thing... to the creators out there do you really need to set the prices soooo high in the beginning? the S$ is very costly from what we are used to in SL so please creators think of that .. you might sell more if you lower the prices !!!!

and last SCRIPTERS! share share share... its a new world most of us are none scripters.. bring the world to life ..RIGHT? and please pretty pretty please give us some beautiful water .. rivers... lakes... oceans i miss that sooo badly !

so here is me Hawk talk fast wants more and like to have fun hope to see you all around someplace... so its not a lonely walk on this new world :) 


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