images as textures

Hi All,

I thought I should ask my question in a new post. Any help much appreciated...a full on noob here!

Ok, I simply want to use a photo/image as a texture on a cube or rectangle, as soon as I can do it...my ideas are possible. An old project in SL brings me here but I'm no 3D modeller.  If  anyone reads this and can help it would be much appreciated. Here's how far I have got; (using blender)

I create a plane, then click on material, tick shadeless, click texture, open new (image), ensure mapping set to UV, then open UV editor, unwrap and ensure image is in the mapping points, I then  go back and ensure the camera is directly over the rectangle image, I then render the image and it looks fine. I then export as fbx file and then upload to sansar. The only material combination that lets me upload without errors is 'no texture'. Finally when I try and use the object the image isn’t there!

on further investigation I understand I do need to create this texture file separately is that right? (if it's being lost when exporting the blend file to fbx) 

am I missing a tiny little box that needs to be ticked in blender?

Any help much appreciated!...and thanks for the free stuff in the store!


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