Add collision mesh in the editor instead of the uploader.

I made products ready everything fine. I just remember that i did not add a collision shape to it. Aargh. More things todo.

But it does not really sound like it's now done on easy and efficient way.
Why do we need to add with every upload a collision shape. if we need to upgrade the collision shape because a bug you need to upload the whole model again.

It sounds more efficient and better to work with to add the option in the properties from the object. So we can upload the collision shape and the mesh separate. and join them in the editor as one object. This way you can use in enough cases the same collision shape for more objects that only have a different color / texture. Also means it need to download less to the user.

My request is to have a separate field in the object properties that allow you to add the collision shape in the edit. Instead of in the uploader.


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