Avatar customization

Currently Avatar customization happens in a eve online like format.

I would suggest to allow eventually to edit only the default shape in current avatar customization while instead to introduce a wardrobe box that can be dropped in a scene which can contain all the avatar load out options that a client wishes to have.


in this way the client can go  close to the box, and by aiming at it and a command see the content, which can be divided into headgear,hair, upper body layers, lower body layers, shoes, back packs, bags binoculars, or any props that should be carried by the avatar even UAV s eventually.

As all the assets in these wardrobe boxes will be loaded to the client upon entering that scene, each participant will be able to see the other persons load out, while at the same time allow for run time possibility to change clothes or eg try hair in front of other people..which would solve tons of the avatar customization issues and challenges tat need to be tackled by the dev team.

at the same time the precise same principle can be used for spawning vehicles and any other prop scripted or not scripted necessary and relevant o that particular experience.


Last but not least, this tool would finally allow experience developers to sell their own avatars vehicles homes and so on to those clients who he has developed an enticing experience to use and play in with all game ready and compatible.

This same tool, is also very good at keeping experiences populated something that with the introduction on more advanced marketplace in Second life has killed simulator visits dramatically.

A tool like this would offer better networking between different content creators who wish to work on one format making it successful by offering standards while at the same time it can allow content creators to offer free loadouts to those clients who wish to play in their experiences without having to have the consumer have their avatar customization assets in their inventory at all.

Basically a client arrives with his own avatar or default one, and then he will be able to chose the body, clothing hair and all gear directly from the experience provider in a congruent manner to his theme


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