Child process failed (6)

So I tried to upload a large sized mesh with 7 materials on it.  I can't seem to find where a material limit is written in the main documentation, so I apologize if the information is out there on the forums and I haven't seen it.   Each time I try to upload, it fails.  Here are my two error logs:

<20:06:37.325> [Build] Child process failed (6)
<20:06:37.361> [Build.TaskExe] args: -resourceFolder C:\Users\azrie\AppData\Local\Temp\Sansar\Import\BF\RF\ -inputFile C:\Users\azrie\AppData\Local\Temp\Sansar\Import\BF\material-res\689d0dbecb19292c90a6ccb9ec33e0ec
<20:06:37.390> [Build.TaskExe] stdout :
<20:06:37.414> [Build.TaskExe] stderr : <20:06:36.074> [ImportMaterial] LoadingC:\Users\azrie\AppData\Local\Temp\Sansar\Import\BF\material-res\689d0dbecb19292c90a6ccb9ec33e0ec

<20:35:08.102> [Build] Child process failed (6)
<20:35:08.103> [Build.TaskExe] args: -resourceFolder C:\Users\azrie\AppData\Local\Temp\Sansar\Import\BF\RF\ -inputFile C:\Users\azrie\AppData\Local\Temp\Sansar\Import\BF\material-res\e5ea60f49ad27e899f06ec1ab54f681d
<20:35:08.103> [Build.TaskExe] stdout :
<20:35:08.103> [Build.TaskExe] stderr : <20:35:07.512> [ImportMaterial] LoadingC:\Users\azrie\AppData\Local\Temp\Sansar\Import\BF\material-res\e5ea60f49ad27e899f06ec1ab54f681d


Is the 6 some sort of error code?  Also... I'm reading that each mesh can only take 4 material sets, but then I've seen people uploading with more than that.  Personally, I've been able to upload with more than 7 materials as long as each material is only a color map.


Anyone figure this out or find a way around it?




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