UI is very poor


 While I still claimed that inventory is not a content creators tool and hope one day to have a more contemporary UI for scene assembly, I would like at least for current UI for both the client and edit mode to be dynamic and not intrusive as it is currently.

While We can all agree that PC gaming is NOT smart phone oriented, and that windows 8 has been a total disaster, I do not see any logic nor functionality to design a UI in a smart phone layout or style.

First of all there is just too little that You can do with current buttons anyhow, they are massively huge( and I am on 40 inch 4k monitor), and overall they are a total waste of visual space for the client, and a total waste of space for the creator in edit mode

Please do note that while many will use default UI for maya, many others who are advanced in 3d and CG will use advanced UI mode in maya which is basically only a viewport and work with keyboard mapping and commands.

There is too little information that can be accessed in current edit mode layout, and too much visual space taken on the display.

It will be unlikely possible to govern tens of thousands of assets in any efficient way unless you go back and forth from where the scene has its origin (eg maya 3ds blender)...it is important to fix this as, sooner or later You will need to make it so that even a dozen creators and programmers can access a single experience in edit mode RT at the same time from different locations in the world.

This is one of the main reasons for which maya costs so much, s it allows to name precisely every asset and allow hundreds of CG artist to access the same scene and work on it RT keeping track of every single asset without having a destructive pipeline.

Now Sansar does not to be like maya and cost thousands of dollars to work on, but it should at least have the DEV team know what is needed if the idea is to in any  form to have a way better product than UE4 one day.


Smart phone like interfaces and apps are a smart phone thing, while gamers in general love apps and smartphones , at the same time they detest windows 10, cortana and if steam even remotely had an app look style or UO they would dump it right on the spot.

Please do not put smartphone UI lovers to develop gaming and CG UI's....You have already experienced loss of tens of thousands of SL clients because of V3 viewer layout....I think You should learn from mistakes made in the past





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