Hello from Paris

Hey all !

First, thanks for the invitation !

So i'm Mila, I live in Paris right now, I'm french native speaker, so don't mind too much my English :)

In RL i'm a coder and a painter... I do mostly painting for little kids.

I dont have VR right now, because i'm stereo blind, so i've been a little perplexed(?) about it. I don't see depth in RL, and for example, going to theater for a 3D movie (i avoid it !), well i don't see any difference really :D
But i've made some research and it looks like people with the same eye problems as me can actually see something different with VR, so i'll have to try :)

I've been on SL for 10 years, but getting on Sansar i kinda tried to just forget about what SL is, and what Sansar is and will be.

So my general impression as explorer:

  •  My 2 first days on Sansar, i didn't jumped in the creating tools at all, i just visited almost every each experience listed in the Atlas.
  • The graphics rocks !
  • Sansar is very stable on my computer and it surprised me (i'm going soon in "vacation" for 5 weeks and i'm wonder if my crappy laptop will handle it)
  • I've been impressed about what creators did so far, I'm not able to do realistc things at all, so i had good time exploring and see what people where able to do here.
  • As a personal and totally suggestive feeling, my favorite experiences, well the ones that really triggered something different in me, where "Canis" and "an evening at the ballet". "Little giant" made my day too, it was funny.
  • So after two days, i started to think, ok, i'm visiting pretty things, but right now, it's a little dead! (Some creators surprised me with sounds though) Meant as, where is the interactions ! Then i've read the forum and the notes and so on, and realized interaction where there for VR for now and Sansar is still early.
  • So yeah, after my 2 first days taking time and chilling, i started to read the forum, the help section, and i was ready to test the creator content.

Overall i agree with a lot of suggestions already made this week : yes we need to walk a bit faster, water needs to feel like water,the Sansar store needs a lot of features, avatar customization, and so on...


we need to be able to find people more easily !


  • I've made a friend the first night, and we started to chat, then i left the experience to go visit another one, and he asked if he could add me as friend, i said sure, but we then realized we needed to be on the same experience to do so.
  • My friend from SL got invited, and i had to ask in what experience she was, to go find her and add her (we did all of this using the SL chat).


Below some thoughts on creating features :

Visit/edit switching

I'm in edit mode of my experience, i didn't changed anything, so i don't need to save or to publish... But i want to visit my experience.. (yeah don't ask why but i wanna do it !)

So i click on > My experience > I choose the experience and click on visit. Well it's 2 clicks (Whyy?? ;( ) ... (and I'm not lazzy, but a lot people are!)

Suggestion : Add a button "Visit Experience" at the side of the button "publish" in edit mode ?


Chat while in edit mode

Ok now i only have 2 friends in my list, one i made in Sansar and I have one friend from SL who got invited too

So yesterday i was trying some example scripts and chatting with a friend, and the chat window is not at all practical.

  • I cannot move it where i want. I'm used to put my chat at bottom left when i'm on SL.
  • The chat window is so tiny, when my friend or myself where typing more than short sentences, i was trying to scroll up to read the entire sentence (with my mouse wheel) and it was not working very well.
  • So i was having to go in "visit" mode to have the chat a little bigger to read and answer.

I'm used on SL since 10 years to move my chat window to a place when i script and right now i really miss it ! :)

Suggestion : Well as a whole, we need to be able to move windows wherever we want and resize them (but i'm sure it's something you are planning to do already)


Edit mode windows overlap

Well it's a bit hard to explain, but if i click on an object to get the menu (properties/delete/lock), and the window with the menu show under the top or right menu, then i cannot click on any button at all.

Suggestion : goes with the previous suggestion :)


Edit mode Scene objects "groups"

I'm aware i can display only lights or volume or camera and so on, but being able to make groups of objects and move them as a group, or display/hide or lock/unlock a whole group is kinda required i think.

Right now i only made an experience with a lot of my weird trees, and my scene object window is a mess, and well i don"t like messy, i like grouped things !

Suggestion :  Please give us a way to make groups/layers ! Something to organize better our work :)


Scripting testing

I'm just doing very simple things right now. So i made a simple script, with a dictionary, with some texts, a randomize..

Now to test my script and see if my random thingy actually work, i have to visit my experience several time (just to be sure eh!).

To do that, i have to :

  • Open Atlas
  • Go to create (my script experience is not listed)
  • Visit my experience

Rinse and repeat to test more

Suggestion : Add a button "Visit Experience" Above or under (or wherever you want really) the "Edit" button on the right menu?


The script Select menu in the properties object window

In property window, that Select menu for choosing scripts annoy me a lot :)

I explain :

  • I upload a script
  • put it in my object
  • Then i change my mind
  • Delete the script from inventory (because inventory will be a mess real fast as well)
  • Make some changes
  • Re-upload my script
  • Edit my object 
  • Now i have to go ALL down of the select list to find my new updated script..

Why? Good i only have like 10 script in my inventory right now because once i will get like 30 or 100 i'm not even sure i will be able to reach the end of that select list.

Ok, you will tell, me i can just drag and drop my script on my object (sure i can ! :) ), but still... I'm not really sure what is the purpose of that select menu,it doesn't has  a smart search if i type a part of the name of my script :)

Suggestion :  well I don't know, if you going to keep that select menu, add an auto-completion feature, so at least we can find the scripts we are looking for.


Scripting overall

Overall scripting right now might drive me crazy pretty fast (and i had to script at school on old terminals with oldddd languages like cobol and RPG on AS400, so i know what getting crazy means!)
So i know Sansar is in his very early days, but guys do something for your coders.Make our life better, the whole process right now is a bit of a pain.

I know i wrote a lot, sorry !



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