Some thoughts/suggestions/etc ...

- I would like Sansar to remember full screen, which is what I set it to but it always defaults to a smaller one.
- Sansar should display my avatar name in the login screen, not just my email/pw &/or like SL remember the account(s) I log in under.
- There should be a way to turn the many default musics (depending on the screen you are at) on/off at login, etc, according to one's personal preference. Initially it was interesting, but it's becoming annoying LOL especially as I make changes, upload, download, save, make live or whatever ... often.
- If a person has created an experience, even if it's not listed on the atlas, they should have the option to go there instead of an atlas destination. Some of us are working on our experience and haven't made it public yet. It's a bit annoying to have to pick another experience just to get logged in. Perhaps under More options ... add ... My Projects.
- A landing zone for newcomers would be nice, and from that landing zone have the atlas in there for them to pick where they want to go. Again, for newcomers, not for people that set a home space (which I hope you instate soon).
- It would be nice if the skybox rotated slightly or that there was a clouds/stars layer that could be rotated for more realism.
- I'd like to be able to save a *Home* whether listed in the atlas or not.
- It takes way to long to upload things, often I get failed uploads.
- It seems to be quite the complicated procedure (compared to SL) to upload and set objects out in your space. It's a PITA trying to cam to a spot to put a sound there for instance. I walked up to a hill in my space and then went into edit layout to add a sound emitter and lo and behold I was back at that landing area so I had to try to figure out how to *cam* up to the hill since I can't move my avatar in edit mode. Not fun.
- I have two items on the store, one free, one S$10, yet somehow I now have S$8 ... where did that come from? It would be nice if all income/outgo of one's S$ was listed somewhere, like SL that has a transaction history. I'd sure like to know *who* donated the S$8 so I can thank him/her ... so ... thank you ;o}


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