One Section of model only appears

Just started importing some 3DS Max Models I've worked on. All is going smooth so far -- I'm quite impressed with Sansar's UI (considering the current state) and ease of use.  Has anyone had a model that when imported, would only show up partially? For example: I imported a house but only the floor to roof brick chimney appeared. I went back to make sure all objects were selected, and even tried grouping (though I knew in advance that would have zero to do with it). 

When I click on an individual part of the house, and choose "exported selected object" in max,  the object will indeed show up (wall, roof, etc.), but when exporting the item as a whole, I only get a chimney.

Is this because there are more than one texture maps involved? Thanks


EDIT: I just read an older message with a similar problem.  Sorry 'bout that. No way to delete.


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