Visual Studio

So with the recent update I'm having issues with my older Visual Studio and the intellisense working so well. Before I could at lease see error with Intellisense.

Now I'm having issues with it sensing certain things. I think mainly this can be solved by using the same setup that it's developed under. I'm on an older .Net 4.0 Framework and I notice the Sansar assemblies are build in 4.6. My VS version is 2010.

So I guess it's time to upgrade.

2017 is out, but I'd like to know which version of Visual Studio Lindens recommends to best work with Sansar.

I'm on Win 7 and not really wanting to take the Win 10 plunge yet.

Some of what used to work pre-update was this:

ScenePrivate.Chat.Subscribe(0, null, OwnerCommand);

Now it tells me it has some invalid parameters and Chat doesn't even seem to have a Subscribe method in the auto expand.



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