Editor refinements and speed


after the first steps in the editor, congrats to the team for what's already there - but also a few thoughts and wishes:

- resizable popups: the object-list and property-popup truncate names a lot. In example, in the property-floater the scripts-drop-down list truncates the script-names, so it's quickly impossible to see which script is attached to the object, if the script name is longer than ~15 chars.

- it would be nice if selecting an object in the scene would also auto-scroll to this object in the object list.

- Speed of workflow: At the moment, saving + publishing + downloading for visit...this takes long (1-2 minutes), even on simple scenes. It might have to do with the concept of online storage, and thus impossible to speed this up without fundamental changes. That's why I wish for speed-improvements in other areas:
Let's say a mesh or script was uploaded and placed in the scene. It's properties were set...and then an adjustment is needed (changes to the mesh or script). This means, the old one must be deleted in inventory and scene + the new 'version' must be uploaded + placed in the scene + it's properties must be set again...a slow and cumbersome workflow.

I wish that uploaded assets keep an internal info about from where they were uploaded (from where on my local PC). Then, additionally to 'upload new', I wish for an option to 'refresh' an existing asset (mesh, script). This would then upload the modified asset, and replace the old reference in inventory, and also refresh all instances of the object/script in the scene, keeping all set properties.

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