Problem with mesh.

I made the last months some parts i wanted to use. I have tested that in other VR platform. It looked all fine there. only fail is that some jpg sneaked in. easy to fix.

But i still hav e problems, texture repeats are sometimes changed.
Other object that;s still givig error on one texture, it's transperant and i do not figured out whats wrong on that one. The texture is in correct place.

Last problem is that soemtime scorners get a verticle sunlight line where no sun shines or light comes. So something is creeping in from inside.

It's all looking good in blender and on other platform. not in sansar.
But i noticed that sansar just need a bit different way of building.

Are there some bugs ?
I try to avoid to redo everything.
At the other side while working on the objects i improved in creating.

AM not sure what the best workflow is, sansar is so good that i would say make just one window as example. upload that and duplicate that inside your scene and put it in place. But is that not increasing the draw calls ? For sure it's making loading time shorter.

Any idea why some material not seems to load ? That project have more small materials. becuase that where more efficient and higher quality then pushing a few 4096 textures in.


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