Hello to the Sansar team and fellow Creators!

Well, here we are! I'm really excited about the future of Sansar. I hope I can add to the experience in some small way. I'm a 3d modeler and texture artist by trade. I use Blender because it's free and open source (please support open source!). I was trained on Maya and Max over 10 years ago when I earned my BA in Digital Animation/Multimedia from UAT here in Arizona. I've been working with Blender and Unreal 4 of late using FBX format so this will fit nicely with what I've been doing.

Obviously Sansar is not fully implemented yet, so we must be patient, but once this thing is up and fully running, wow. Looks SO MUCH better than SL.

Now I need to do some testing and see which direction I want to go first, which I guess make an experience that serves as my showroom/store?

Question...I assume there will be open spaces like SL? Water craft? Cars? Planes?

Also, when creating my account, it wasn't clear how the Persona Name and Handle work, so will there be a way to change the name or handle in the future? I didn't notice where to set the handle so it was set to the name. I would like to have a different "company name" as a handle.

I look forward to meeting fellow Creators and getting this place built.

See ya!


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