Another Appears with the Invite Wave

Greetings, and also Hi few faces I've seen on other worlds ;)

This sorta came out of the blue after having waited for one since a few years back now that I think.

But Happy to help, even with the NDA, which I didn't see to conflict with being able to participate in creation in multiple worlds and giving feedback on development on all projects and still provide no info other each other. 

Used to be Matti Deigan in Second Life, and can be found under this pseudonym on others, so Sansar is up here for the next Distraction to take even more of my dwindling free time on exploring and contributing to plethora of VR worlds :D 

In anycase, I already have a few feedback available after using the software for a half an hour, and more will come to this thread as time goes on (You guys need a dedicated feedback, instead of just feature request!)

- Pretty! Nice looking creations, Gonna explore some more.
- I like what I see with the world tools, shame it has to be separate from a live environment, but understandable.
- I like the start of the avatar customizer, 

Buuut now I have a barrage of some stuff that need work which ill probably put separetely onto the feature requests (perhaps later):

- Avatar customization tools could take lessons from non-slider editors like EVE, or the sheer availability of various options of Black Desert Online with avatars, especially if we cannot bring our own using your skeleton or even custom skeletons.
- Lacks Variety for Clothing: Can we as content creators make more? Either via retexturing or modeling our own. 
- As Atlas gets large, it really needs a search... And bookmarking!
- Saving of a Character set Currently takes ages!
- I fancy my self a furry. Since Sansar don't seem to allow for fully custom avatars, I guess the mascot costume will do for now.  
- No clear way from loging in with the Atlas to switch to VR mode, have to go to an area first before I can fire up.
- Loading time is loong, even on my 200/20 connections, M2 SSD and an i7-7700k. Should probably state what it is doing in the background (downloading scene, or just loading to mem etc)
- There is a very, VERY big latency with physics (grabbing objects). Shouldn't this be something that is local first before sync to server? Could be my distance to server (Finland). This can create quite jarring lightsaber fights if at all. 
- Physics Variance? The Darts in the Zen Garden seem to behave same as the frisbees. Would have expected different centers of mass, and the sort. with latency hard to use.
- Trigger to Teleport feels weird considering other experiences use trigger as an interaction on an object that is being held / starting to hold an item.
- Setting for walk speed? as a VR Vet the walk speed currently is a crawl. I'd also like an ability to jump, even if a short hop.
- No IK or hand placements, no one sees me wave? Unless using Dino Mascot. This seem like something important for a Social VR app, especially considering the Oculus Touch and the upcomming Vive Knuckles, quite a few VR spaces support these.
- Allow us to use hand controllers on UI, my poor neck.
- Need to be able to set my audio sources other than windows devices (although these work just fine so far but i can imagine if someone is in desktop mode and wants to use a specific mic)

Apologies for being a negative nancy :)

 Anyway, Still good to see this project is still going on and will keep track on it as time continues and the tech improves



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