Share your thoughts about features you'd like to see in Sansar


I have not seen on Sansar platform, one single feature request, nor improvement request of any posted by any preview member apart from possibly different settings on what Linden Lab has offered since day 1.

While it is very understandable that a lot of work comes with making any new platform for its basic functionalities and stability, it is not clear to Me what is the purpose of the preview apart from trying to populate a marketplace, for a platform that is supposedly designed for content creators who do not need a marketplace at all nor character customization interface to build nor scenes nor experiences....

So just a thought.....

I think it would be wise for Sansar devs to take time to prioritize those experienced content creators Feature requests, and build Sansar tailor made for Us, and then once all feature requests are dealt with , to look into what You at Linden Lab would like to have in Sansar maybe in 4 5 years from now of their own.

As at this moment, after 6 months into the preview, I have not yet seen one single experience that is commercially viable...as a matter of fact I have seen just a bunch of scenes of which some have been extrapolated from already existing pc games like battlefronts 2 Survival tatooine assets


A lot of previewers claim that Sansar is just a baby, to give it its time, but to Me as I see things a lot of time has passed and the platform is in no way or manner build to be anywhere even remotely commercially appealing for programmers or content creators or gamers.

We have been given finally pricing for Sansar, but with no performance information at all...so at this moment We cannot assess how many clients an empty server can host, nor how any clients can eg a shooter game with vehicles host before getting unstable or having serious frame rate drops.


You have put  a ton of time into avatar customization with a very poor eve online copy format, when all We actually need is to import our own skeletons with our own rigs and animations, to be sold for our own experiences exclusively....why should any experience developer put time into making any experience or game, if You cut  their profits by allowing anyone to sell avatar customization features to be playable anywhere....

Any  experience developer, would certainly NOT want any clothing or characters nor hair nor shoes nor vehicle or gun or any asset whatsoever to be in their experience if they are NOT  sold solely and exclusively by them

You cannot expect anyone to create experiences here if then the clients who visit them  have characters made and dressed by 200 different hands, and on top of that customized by gamers who have no idea about human anatomy.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, We have not mentioned assets, like prefabs, plants, vehicles animals, weather systems, sounds even simple textures.


There have been at this point hundreds of content creators and programmers  invited to the preview saw the UI and the rest and left and only a handful left are active in some way.

It is clear to Me, that Sansar is far from meeting minimum requirements for content creators who model, texture, animate, weight, rig, program, make UIs, network and so on, even the business model for a experience developer group is impossible to assess or implement.

it is mid 2017 at this very moment We dont know the following

1 how to set a project for people working in a group

2 if we  will have full FBX support

3 if we will have full control on keyboard mapping

4 If We will have full control on the UI

5 If there will be water and land and weather systems

6 if we will have full cam control

7 if we will have full client inventory control(only inventory items offered by that particular experience are allowed when logged in a experience)

8 if we will have full avatar control

9 moderation controls

10 payments or subscriptions systems

11 experience proprietary marketplace

12 experience proprietary client data base

13 physics of weapons systems

14 physics on vehicle systems

15 gps maps, navigational computation, weather computation systems

16 particles systems

17 reward prize systems

18 affiliate plan systems (You get payed, if You bring me a consumer)

the list can go on forever

Maybe You should get a game developer, have him create a whole game with all included and have him advertise on the internet, and then see what He will ask to You to develop for him to be able to operate  for profit on Sansar

Or maybe You would be better off, with bringing GI, FBX full support and a few more maps support to SL with a SL 2 beta just as You  did for mesh Beta, given that by next year a GPU like the gtx 1070 will be as affordable as a 1060 or less.

If Sansar is really a platform to compete against UE or CRY or self made engines, I think that there is nothing much that can be useful to serve its purpose as things stand as they are starting from the set project,  UI and cam in edit mode and keyboard mapping that is far from standard gaming mapping.

Please do not take this in any manner as personal, You guys as Linden Lab are working with lot of enthusiasm and have invested a lot even from a personal point of view into this project, You guys have always been extremely kind to Us and in some instances even great friends.........

........but like in any venture there is always a moment to  look deeply into FUNDAMENTAL flaws before it is too late....and given the fact that You are now opening to beta and dropping NDAs, We are possibly looking to a very adverse response from both consumers and content creators, than inworldz, with inworldz way less behind compared to sl at that time than what Sansar is compared to UE today...and Inworldz was an epic flop, mediocre console games got better response than that.




So My question is......are You going to meet all the *wanting* experience developers feature request demands, or what We get is what We see?






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