Re-orient the object import axis to match the Local Axis of the imported objects.

While I easily adapted to SL building where a new cube (called a box in SL) was always rezzed with the Y+ axis facing North, it quickly sank in that knowing where North was in SL is important. If I faced South in SL I knew the results would be reversed. And now, as I emigrate to Sansar the program default for the edit mode is me (my point of view) facing North and the default plain is oriented with zero rotation and the Y+ points in such a way that I cannot tell what the local axis is because the transform widget is double-headed. However, we are currently only offered global transformation, not local. So, I would think the object orientation would match the global orientation (World Orientation).

My last though on this comes from a long history of learning the Cartesian Coordinate system where y+ is up and X+ points to the right and Z+ comes out of the paper. With that as a Global Three Dimensional Axis, it is hard to adjust my perception to an environment where objects are placed within that environment rotated 180 degrees on the Z axis. If this standard is a closer match to one of the other mesh creation tools other than Blender, I might consider the presumption that this is intuitive for other creators, but for a student of plain and solid geometry, it is simply not intuitive.

Think of it this way.... when you place a circle on a Cartesian Coordinate axis you would NEVER put 0/360 degrees on the bottom. And, you would never hang a clock with its face against the wall. THAT would not be intuitive.

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