Metric or Imperial are acceptable modeling measurements

In the help file entitled "Uploading FBX Files" Dated May 1, 2017, Jeremy writes:

FBX Import tips

Model to Scale

Before you start a new project, set the working units in your modeling package to meters.  This is important because Sansar only allows limited scaling in layout at this time.

COMMENT: What I have found when I create mesh in Blender is that I can set my working units to Imperial which allows me to make all my entries in either feet or inches. When I upload the mesh to SANSAR, the size of the models are correct. While we cannot currently measure the dimensions in SANSAR the "size" of the objects is exactly the same as it was when it was created in Blender.

I would like the documentation to encourage modeling in the dimension of either Metric or Imperial and let the creator make the choice.


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