I have met a good friend I haven't seen for 1.5 years.

We had an excellent traditional classic Japanese dinner , and we ordered a bottle of a good fine Gewurztraminer, and the a second one...basically a bottle of wine each.

I arrived Home and checked My email and saw legendary ''Torleys'' latest developments justifying a upgrade of the Sansar software. as  it installed I logged in. (for those who might not know Im a great Torley fan)


It is quite obvious by now that My brain is not at 100%, so while Im fiddling to check what  latest features do I basically end to delete an emitter of a scene I have made to prevent spoofing from SL to Sansar...it is an audio emitter hat is not to be deleted!!!!! so I made an editing mistake, the simplest one, the ones that a person who had a whole bottle of wine can do!


In few words, It is quite obvious that at any moment in such cases hitting control Z would undo my latest command....ehm....CTRL+Z on Sansar doesn't exists in edit mode.

Ehm some guy used to say...no Martini no Party...I would kinda suggest No CTRL+Z or Y no Sansar.

Pretty much self explanatory







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