Make the collision mesh of an avatar the width of his shoulders and the height of his head.

I am building scale models of buildings. I have tested door openings for the ability of an avatar to pass through standard size doors.

The narrowest door that my avatar can pass through is 2'-8" wide. A bathroom door of 2'-4" and a bedroom door of 2'-6" are too narrow for my avatar to walk through. I have also found that the shortest door height must be 6'-9" for my avatar to walk through the opening.  While the work-around would be to make the wall physics with a minimum of 2'-8" wide spaces for door openings and the opening height a minimum of 6'-9" high, it just seems that now that we have moved to a "Real Size" scale in Sansar of 1:1, this type of work-around should be unnecessary.


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