Is there a MAX Object count in an Experience?

Now, I haven't tested this lately, but when I last worked on Whyst Garden, I was having problems of crashing when I put the Nth object in a scene.  I don't know what N equals.  But I do know that every time I tried to put that last object in there, boom, I crashed.

I deleted a few objects that weren't as important, and as if my theory were correct, this allowed me to put exactly that number more objects in the world before crashing.

The scene isn't heavy.  It loads nicely, but it has so many objects because the whole place is built with only 12 or so meshes, but they are duplicated.  It's very modular.

Does this sound plausible?  Is there a MAX count of object iterations allowed in a scene?


If so, can we get this increased in a future update?  I would love to expand Whyst Garden.  I think it would load nicely because of its modular style existing of mostly iterations.



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