Gifting items through an experience

I would like the ability to gift items to visitors of my experiences. WITHOUT having to list them on the store.

This creates additional incentive to visit my experience (not just once, but regularly, to see if new freebies are available!!!). It's a small thanks I want to give to people who took time to check out my work.

Ideally it would work without script (because otherwise I can't use it, I can't script LOL). Add it as a property to the object that we can toggle on or off in the scene editor. If turned ON, a visitor could click on the object and then a window would pop up, prompting them to ask if they would like a copy of the item, along with a custom message we can add ourselves. (to thank the visitor, explain the item's usage, etc)

This is also a good feature for roleplaying or themed experiences. For example, say you had an Wild West themed experience. You want to gift everyone a freebie cowboy hat as thanks for visiting. This feature would allow that.

AN ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION TO ALL OF THE ABOVE: Let us list freebies on the store, that can be UNLISTED, like YouTube unlisted videos. Only someone with the URL would be able to find it. Then we could just link to the item in our experience and the visitor could grab it. Without any of that toggleable property nonsense.


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