Some thoughts &/or feature requests ...


-categorize inworld inventory like the website, adding a Most Recent category for inworld as well as the ability to sort by Creator ... OR ... give us the ability inworld to create our own categories (folders) to sort our inventory ... although you should have a standard set of categories that inventory is sorted by until you give us the ability to create our own categories/folders
-search --> my own <-- inventory both inworld AND on the website
-items purchased for actual Sansar DOLLARS (in other words not free) should somehow indicate that in inventory and on the website ... perhaps a dollar icon next to purchased items or a category/folder for purchases more than 1S$ because generally speaking if you bothered to spend Sansar dollars to buy something then you want to keep special track of those items verses the demos, free, gifts, prizes, promos, etc
-demos should be their own category (including free, gifts, prizes, promos, etc) from the web store(s) because they can clutter up a creator's page when not properly categorized and make it all the more difficult to find items for purchase, perhaps a link to the purchase item on the demo page but also be able to categorize those things on the web for easier finding (see STORE below)

-be able to do so from our last position inworld
-have my avatar IN THE SCENE OR EXPERIENCE while building (like we can in SL) so I can get a proper bead on proportions
-have the ability to snap objects of like size together so they line up nicely and don't overlap
-link objects in an area, such as when you build a house
-select an object (like a wall) and change its name to change to another wall thus changing the object without having to look for or realign a new object (new wall)
-incremental and snap features (like SL) where we can see on the screen where exactly an object is by the .05m (or less) indicators and can snap to those indicator settings
-colorcode the position & rotation x,y,z in editor to match gizmo (axis arrows) in the edit object preference window
-change textures of inventory items inworld (yes I know this has already been requested, just reiterating)
-permissions of my items so I can allow modify or not, transfer or not, etc
-when saving an experience/scene ... save only those things that have *changed* since the last save

-the ability to 1) create, and 2) change the avatar's skin (yes I know this has already been requested, just reiterating)
-more ability to change the avatar's shape (yes I know this has already been requested, just reiterating)

STORE (website)
-"sort by" should be first what you choose to sort by and then newest at the top ... it really sucks to sort by price: low to high and then have to scroll all the way down to the bottom, the bottom, the bottom ... to find new stuff
-if an item changes price it should be able to come to the top as though new, or perhaps have a *changed* category showing what has changed since I last looked at it, such as price or texturing or whatever

--> one MAJOR COMPLAINT I have for SL is the horrendous listing for gachas that seem to take over Marketplace and kill the actual ability to find other things other than gachas, I hope this doesn't become a problem in Sansar store as well!? If you would only add more categories it would solve this problem, how hard can it be??? Move ALL the gachas to their own categories! Don't let this happen in Sansar MP, please!

--> the other MAJOR COMPLAINT about SL marketplace is the massive theft and reposting of full perm items that thieves have NO RIGHT having let alone selling on their own MP store. I surely hope Sansar will not allow such to happen! There needs to be a way to securely 1) prove you are the true creator and 2) be the only one allowed to post your own goods on Sansar's MP. I know this is Sansar, not SL, but ... LEARN FROM SL ... please! I am highly reluctant to put anything I make anywhere due to potential theft.

-jewelry: I sure hope you don't make the mistake of nano prims like in SL, we need to be able to build our jewelry with reasonably small objects and should eventually be able to make them inworld not just from a 3d program. 0.01m is NOT small enough for nice jewelry, perhaps take it down to 0.001m -AND- give us the ability to zoom in closely to *see* them.
-houses: likewise as above but not have need of mega prims but have you allow us a decent size object to build our homes from
-make our items inworld (should we so choose, as not everyone is 3d program savvy on all things), link the objects, export as one object dae or fbx or obj and then reimport the entire build as one object

*** Don't scold me for mentioning SL here, there are many talented builders in SL for buildings and jewelry (to name a few) and there's absolutely NO REASON why they shouldn't be able to safely bring their talents to bear in Sansar! As I said above, not everyone has the ability to use 3d programs for various reasons so building inworld is massively important IMHO ... just sayin' ... and it would be extremely helpful to be able to build in Sansar, texture, link, save as one object, export &/or ... better yet ... CONVERT to DAE/OBJ/ETC and then sell in your store as a finished product ***


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