I only know one truth - its time for Sansar to end.

Im sorry but im going to call it like it is. Sansar is the biggest mistake Linden Lab has made in its history.....even bigger then allowing mesh avatars in second life which slows everything down and takes forever to load for me. even then apparently it STILL Loads faster then thiis POS that is Sasnar.

i tried the closed creator preview. and was not impressed. and now i think nearly a year later and its the same.

two main things:

one loading scenes is actually WORSE then Second Life. apparently you did away with the whole rezzing in thing and so now scenes have to be fully downloaded.

which takes FOR-EVER for me and there is no progress bar. no queue system, no select which experences you want to download and then let it do so in the background

NOPE!  you click on an experence to load and it takes FOR- EVER to do so.

so long that in my view it pretty much kills the entire project, no one is going to want to load up sansar. have to sit 20 minutes or so per scene to download

and worse..........after you DO load up a scene that may be a small fraction of the size of one in second life (area wise) you find out worse still THERE IS NO ONE IN IT!

the closed creator preview i felt was a ghost town. even though apparently "thousands" of people applied

this is even worse.  the scenes i loaded near the top were all  empty.  so no one to talk to.  there are NO indications of how many people are in scenes NOR is there a filter to load scenes based on number of users curently.

The interface is meh at best. there is no fullscreen options for desktop mode (really? really?)

avatars look horrible. the long hair on the female models? who the hell imported that? looks like it was imported by some amatuer  that coudnt figuure out the proper transparency type to make the hair not look weird.

and what you can customize your shape but NOT your body?

what a joke.

Sansar needs to be axed.  Its a waste of resources. it alienates the second life userbase (you know your biggest customers). it pretty much axes 90 percent of the features of second life.

its a joke. and its an insult to all of your second life fans.

why the hell coudnt you have invested time and resources INTO second life 2.0. into rebuilding the system from the ground up with a better engine, better base avatar features (like amazing customization seen in things like black desert online or the sims 4  or something.

(oh my god as im writing this the f-cking hollywood museum is STILL loading..really? really?)

I predict within the next year or so . Sansar is going to be canned. its not even worth it for vr. it takes too damn long to load areas. (yeah someones gonna sit there for 30 minutes in a vr  headset to load a new experence)

that once again NO ONE IS IN! the TOP listed experence when you load the altas. and NO one is there!


Sansar needs to die.  Let  it die, kill it, its the only way to become what you were ment to be.

and Linden Lab

this is not going to go the way you think.


i say it as loud as i can


Sansar is half assed poor attention at both a social virtual world AND a VR experence.

Just kill it already. and cut your losses.

what a POS


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