Store item: Attached files / links

It would be nice if you could attach files to a store item for use by customers or prospective customers. Examples include a PDF with instructions on how to use a product, a hyperlink (not a file) to a YouTube video showcasing an animated mesh, or a UV-mapped PNG template for customizing a blank mesh.

Bonus for making it so you can choose to make these files available only to paid customers versus to everyone.

It would be smart to make it so a creator has a separate list of files from the list of items and simply imported those files to specific products. That would enable reuse of shared files. For example, a sale and return policy statement. Or a brochure of all the products in one specific product line. Updating the file or link would make the latest version available to all store items that link to it. In this scenario, a store owner would be able to upload files or define links first before creating items or alternatively upload and attach them to the specific item being editor and be available for reuse by other items later.


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