Increase Avatar Stepping Height

One problem I've had with recreating a building for Sansar is the height of steps, from the top of one step to the top of another.  Currently in Sansar, the difference needs to be under 0.2 meters to have any chance of the avatar stepping up.  It should really be at least 0.25 meters or below, which is 10 inches.  Somewhere just under 0.3 meters would be even better, just to be safe.

I've attempted to recreate steps that are 8 inches apart, which is just a little too far for Sansar.  Of course, we can always use a separate physics mesh that's basically a ramp.  But it's more real to be able to stand on individual steps, and the point of virtual reality is to feel like you're really standing on a step and not an invisible ramp.  So I have to use 0.15 to be reliable for the avatar stepping up.  The big problem with that is that it requires more steps, and therefore a larger horizontal footprint.  It can be nearly impossible to adapt the larger footprint into an existing structure.  So it would be great if the stepping height was increased to allow recreations of real-world steps to function properly.


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