Reflex 3.2 scripts: Significant bug fix

Yesterday I discovered that there was a significant bug in my Reflex 3.x scripts. I fixed it and put updated versions of every Reflex script in the Store.

Those who came to this week's social meetups noticed that the teleporters were throwing error messages. The error appears in some scripts when there are more than 9 people in a scene. I encourage you to upgrade to version 3.2 (or higher) of any Reflex scripts you have.

I also took the opportunity to make some minor improvements in every one of the scripts, too. Most notably, every script now features default values for many of the settings that are more visibly appropriate or otherwise give clues to how best to use each setting.

I also enhanced the teleporter script to allow a scene's creator to give users a choice of whether or not to accept the teleport. And I tweaked a few other minor settings and features. I've also updated the documentation to reflect the latest changes.


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